100% Ticket Guarantee

ConcertTicketPrice.com guarantees that your concert tickets will be…

  • Delivered in time for the event
  • The same seats you ordered (or better if available)
  • Refunded if the event is canceled
  • Actual, authentic event tickets, valid for event entry
  • Seated together unless otherwise noted or unless tickets are general admission.

All tickets are actual, authentic tickets, valid for event entry.

All tickets for sale on this site are guaranteed to be real, valid tickets which will grant you access to the event unless otherwise noted. In some notations, tickets may be marked as parking passes, club passes, or other which will not grant access to the event. This will be noted in the ticket description right under the section number and row number.

All concert tickets that you order will be the same, equal, or better than what was originally purchased.

If the tickets are unavailable after the purchase has been processed, we may substitute your tickets for equal (same row, same section) or better (similar section, lower row) tickets. If purchaser complains that the tickets they received do not meet this criteria, and if the event has not yet occurred, and if Concert Ticket Price determines in its sole discretion that the tickets are not adequate to fulfill its promise of equivalent or better tickets, Concert Ticket Price may either provide the purchaser with equivalent or better tickets, or it may refund the purchase price of the tickets including shipping costs and service fees. In either case, purchaser must ship the tickets back as instructed by Concert Ticket Price in a prompt manner to be eligible for a refund or new tickets. If the event has already occurred, Concert Ticket Price may provide the purchaser with a refund. To be eligible for a refund, the purchaser must ship the unused tickets back to Concert Ticket Price as instructed by ConcertTicketPrice.com

All tickets will be delivered in time for the event.

All tickets will be shipped to the billing address in time for the event. If the shipping department deems that the event is too close to the order date, your order will either be rejected and refunded or someone will contact you to make other arrangements for ticket delivery / pickup.

If an event is permanently canceled, a refund will be issued for your tickets.

If an event is permanently canceled, Concert Ticket Price will coordinate with the selling broker to provide the purchaser a full refund of the ticket price including any service fees. ConcertTicketPrice.com may require the purchaser to return the tickets to be eligible for this refund. Refunds are not available for events that are postponed or re-scheduled.