Miley Cyrus flaunts some skin at recent Hollywood concert.

Miley Cyrus Christmas Creampie show with DJ Borgore

Miley Cyrus sports new look for DJ Borgore "Christmas Creampie" show.

Letting fans know that she is well past her teen years is exactly what Miley Cyrus did at her Dec 8th show at the Henry Fonda Theater when she performed at Borgore’s “Christmas Creampies.” Miley Cyrus put on a great show as always for her fans, but some got an even closer look at her recent “dream catcher” tattoo on her right side area.

If on lookers thought that Miley Cyrus was a bit under dressed for the show, she palled in comparison to the topless female stripper that was on stage as Miley performed at DJ Borgore’s show. Miley came onto the stage with a minor clothing on sporting the cleavage, no bra look in her tight S&M style outfit complete with a chain from her pants to around her neck . If you did look down, Miley was also wearing thigh high leopard print boots to tie the whole outfit together.

Miley Cyrus show of some more skin as she is on stage.

Miley Cirus shows off more skin as she performed on stage next to a topless stripper.

So for all you Miley Cyrus fans out there, watch for her new look and sound. Miley Cyrus even sported a much shorter blond pixie cut than what she had in recent weeks. The good news is that Miley’s hair should stay close to the same,a s she really can’t go any shorter with out shaving it all off. If you are a Miley fan, then you will be entertained for sure at all her upcoming shows ans let’s see what look she will have at her next show.

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