Singing sensation Jenni Rivera dies in plane crash.

Jenni Rivera

RIP Jenni Rivera

Today the Latin Music World will mourn the loss of Long Beach, CA native Jenni Rivera, who was killed when the small plane that she was traveling in fell off the radar about 10 minutes after it took off in Mexico. This is tragic loss for Latin music fans across North American. This amazing female artist, reality show host and inspiration to all Latin women will be missed and certainly not easily forgotten.

Jenni Rivera was a colorful soul who was not afraid to tell it like it is in her lyrics, and quickly gained fame and kept true to her Latin roots. Jenni sold of 15 million albums, won several Mexican Music Awards, and was a musical inspiration to many different types of Mexican Musical Genres.

Not only will the Latin music industry be lost, but Jenni Rivera also left behind 5 beautiful children. Our hearts go out to the family, loved one and admirers of the beloved Jenni Rivera.