Kesha appoliges for “Die Young” song lyrics in aftermath of Shooting in Conn.

Some stations pull Kesha's "Die Young" from play list

After a recent twitter post Kesha made on Tuesday stating that she had her own issues with the song “Die Young” and that she was “forced to” sing them. The Tweet was deleted a short time later. Then early Wednesday morning a spokesperson for Kesha stated that she had no comment. As most artist would be celebrating as their new single climbs up the billboard charts and is currently at #3, but not for Kesha. She posted on twitter yesterday that she was “so so so sorry” for the tragic loss of the family and loved ones in the aftermath of the tragic shooting in Newtown, CT. Kesha stated that she understood her hit song “Die Young is now inappropriate.”

Kesha says that “Die Young” was intended as a party rock anthem. As some radio stations started pulling the rock anthem from their play list.Let’s just hope that Kesha will be able to bounce back from this, and she can come up with another Party Rock Anthem!

Jennifer Lopez plays SANTA for charity.

Yes Jennifer Lopez says she does not look forward to getting gift’s at Christmas. Jennifer Lopez does however love to give them!! Jennifer says that she enjoys watching people enjoy their gifts and that is what really excited her about Christmas. That is part of the reason why Jennifer Lopez launched the “J. Lo Christmas Gift” drive, asking her fans to donate to three of her favorite charities ( the Boys & Girls Club, The Children’s Hospital of LA, and the American Red Cross). In exchange for her fans donating she will be giving one lucky fan Two tickets to her last show of the “dance Again” world tour. J. Lo will also pay for the airfare and hotel accommodations for the lucky fan.

Jennifer stated “it’s kind of doing something nice for someone else, and they are paying it forward.” It’s not every day that you can something so great and this time of year it makes it even more special. With J Lo originally coming from New York and her husband Marc Anthony still residing there, She realized just how important the American Red Cross is in this time of need after Hurricane Sandy hit the area. J Lo stated that she was scared for her babies to send them back to that area after it was affected so badly.

As Jennifer Lopez wraps up her World tour, be sure to keep your eyes open for her next tour to start soon! She is am amazing artist that really does care and gives her fans a great show!

Tenacious D announced “Old School Acoustic Tour” to kick off in Atlantic City on Feb. 28th

That’s right Tenacious D announced that he will be doing the “Old School Acoustic Tour” starting in February. With some great stops like Boston, Pittsburg, Miami Beach, Orlando, Providence and some other great stops already announced, you know this is going to be a show your won’t want to miss!

This Rock God Comic will be sure to keep you rockin out all night long. Kyle Gass will be joining Jack Black on this tour promoting their new album “Rize of The Fenix.” You know that two great comedians like this joining together will bring you a fun filled night that is sure not to be forgotten and keep you in stitches laughing all night long!

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Justin Bieber announced he will be releasing second acoustic LP in January

Justin Bieber on Ellen Show in Dec 2012

Justin Bieber and Ellen on the set of her show on Dec. 14, 2012

When Justin Bieber was on the Ellen show yesterday he accidentally let it slip that he would be releasing his second acoustic Album in January. This will mark Justin’s second “Unplugged” album released. Justin Bieber went on to say that he feels that “it’s something I think the fans really like because I started out on YouTube just playing my guitar and just singing without all the production and stuff.” Justin later went on to say that “I think it’s more intimate” and he wants to connect with his fans on a smaller scale than what he usually does with his normal tour and albums. Justin Bieber even stats that he “loves this kind of stuff” so you know if he is totally in love with it then it is going to be off the charts.
This is coming on the heals of Justin Bieber’s book “100% Official Justin Bieber, Just Getting Started” was recently released. This has been a very busy year for Justin Bieber and it seems as though as Justin has no intentions of slowing down any time soon. So if you want to get to know Justin Bieber better, be sure to get his book and don’t forget to see him live when his tour stops near you. Get your Justin Bieber Tickets early as they sell out fast!

Justin Bieber on Ellen Show 12-14-12

Justin Biber get's his gift from Ellen

Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen live at 12-12-12 project Robin Hood concert

What and amazing turn out for a great cause. So many great artist like Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen, then entire cast from HBO’s hit TV show “Sopranos” were helping out on the phones. It was amazing to watch the turn out of start studded Musicians and actors that have so much history with the Jersey Shore, show their support. No matter what amount of Money was raised the memories that these great legends have from early days in their careers in New Jersey until today, you can never take that away.

Raising over $30 Million to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy, this was an amazing turn out and a great night of music spent for a GREAT CAUSE. Let’s hope that this really does help to rebuild the historic Jersey Shore and restore part of America that was destroyed.

Here is a little clip of Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen Rocking out for the Robin Hood Relief Fund!

YES announced a three album shows this spring!


YES 3 album shows this spring

The 1970′s Progressive Rock group YES announced yesterday that they will be performing three albums at each of the show they have set for this spring. YES announced they will play all three albums from start to finish. Albums they are playing include 1971′s “The YES Album”, 1973′s “Close To The Edge” and 1977′s “Going For The One.” This will be an amazing night not to be missed and with the great line up that YES now has you will love every minute of it.

YES has so many great hits from these three albums like”Your Move,” “I’ve Seen All Good People,” And You And I” as well as “Starship Trooper.” YES will also perform live for the first time ever “A Venture” and the most challenging song they will be performing will be “Turn Of the Century.” YES is certainly giving it their all, so be sure to get your concert Tickets early so you won;t miss and amazing night like this. With 23 shows set for right now, be sure to get your YES tickets early before they sell out!

YES set to perform

YES set to perform 3 Albums in full at next concerts.

Singing sensation Jenni Rivera dies in plane crash.

Jenni Rivera

RIP Jenni Rivera

Today the Latin Music World will mourn the loss of Long Beach, CA native Jenni Rivera, who was killed when the small plane that she was traveling in fell off the radar about 10 minutes after it took off in Mexico. This is tragic loss for Latin music fans across North American. This amazing female artist, reality show host and inspiration to all Latin women will be missed and certainly not easily forgotten.

Jenni Rivera was a colorful soul who was not afraid to tell it like it is in her lyrics, and quickly gained fame and kept true to her Latin roots. Jenni sold of 15 million albums, won several Mexican Music Awards, and was a musical inspiration to many different types of Mexican Musical Genres.

Not only will the Latin music industry be lost, but Jenni Rivera also left behind 5 beautiful children. Our hearts go out to the family, loved one and admirers of the beloved Jenni Rivera.

Miley Cyrus flaunts some skin at recent Hollywood concert.

Miley Cyrus Christmas Creampie show with DJ Borgore

Miley Cyrus sports new look for DJ Borgore "Christmas Creampie" show.

Letting fans know that she is well past her teen years is exactly what Miley Cyrus did at her Dec 8th show at the Henry Fonda Theater when she performed at Borgore’s “Christmas Creampies.” Miley Cyrus put on a great show as always for her fans, but some got an even closer look at her recent “dream catcher” tattoo on her right side area.

If on lookers thought that Miley Cyrus was a bit under dressed for the show, she palled in comparison to the topless female stripper that was on stage as Miley performed at DJ Borgore’s show. Miley came onto the stage with a minor clothing on sporting the cleavage, no bra look in her tight S&M style outfit complete with a chain from her pants to around her neck . If you did look down, Miley was also wearing thigh high leopard print boots to tie the whole outfit together.

Miley Cyrus show of some more skin as she is on stage.

Miley Cirus shows off more skin as she performed on stage next to a topless stripper.

So for all you Miley Cyrus fans out there, watch for her new look and sound. Miley Cyrus even sported a much shorter blond pixie cut than what she had in recent weeks. The good news is that Miley’s hair should stay close to the same,a s she really can’t go any shorter with out shaving it all off. If you are a Miley fan, then you will be entertained for sure at all her upcoming shows ans let’s see what look she will have at her next show.

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Z100 Jungle Ball 2012 tickets still left for 12/7/12 show!

Z100 Jungle Ball 2012 Line UpAre you still wondering if you can get tickets for the Z100 Jingle Ball 2012 bash at Madison Square Garden for 12/7/12? We the answer is yes you sure can! The Z100 web site says that the Z100 Jingle Ball is sold out, but there are still plenty of tickets left for sale for this star studded line up. In case you missed all the hype the line up will be (in no real order) Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, The Wanted, One Direction, FUN, B.O.B., Ne-Yo, Ed Sheeran, Jason Mraz, Cher Lloyd, Olly Murs, and special guests. So be sure to get your tickets for Fridays show, because it is the must see show of the year, and not to be missed.

For the 10th year in a row Z100 has sponsored New York’s hot new hits. To top the already full list of amazing artist there are several other pavilions that will also have new up and coming band playing at them. The Coke-a-Cola all access lounge will have The All Ways playing at it. Not to mention that the Z100 Jingle Ball Viewing Party will have hosts Bridgit Mendler and Trey Morgan along with various other Z100 DJ’s and special guests.

Be sure to get your tickets tonight before the show really sells out! You don’t want to be that guy who misses the show cause you took long to get your tickets.

Z100 Jingle Ball line up set and full of great artist

12-12-12 Robin Hood Relief show to include Bruce Springsteen, Kanye West, Roger Waters, Alicia Keys and more…

Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen to play at 12-12-12 concert

Yes the 12-12-12 line up is out and tickets are on sale now and still available. If you are looking for a great way to give back to all the Hurricane Sandy Victims that lost everything, then you have come to the right place! Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, Kanye West, Eric Clapton, Alicia Keys, Paul McCartney, The Who, Dave Grohl, Roger Waters and Eddie Vedder are among some of the performers that will be playing for a great cause. Robin Hood Relief Fund has been launched by Robin Hood for a large scale relief effort to aid the tri-state area that suffered life shattering effects of Hurricane Sandy. This is a great event that will take place at Madison Square Garden in Beautiful New York City! Yes you guessed it the performance will be on 12-12-12 and tickets are on sale today!

Alicia Keys 12-12-12 Robin Hood Relief

Alicia Keys among 12-12-12 Robin Hood Relief performers.

Tickets are affordable with all the proceeds go to a great cause. So if you want to help out all the victims of Hurricane Sandy, and get a great night of amazing music, then be sure to get your tickets today! Yes seating is very limited and you will need to get your tickets early so you don’t miss a great night like this. And with a name like the Robin Hood relief fund you know that they are doing so many great things. With over $8 million already raised and used, be sure to get your tickets today and help out. Even if you are not a fan of all the singer you know that you are going to see your favorite and a few others. Who knows you might even like the others ones more!

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