Justin Bieber “Believe” CD on sale 6/19/12 and Concert Ticket on sale now…

With the announcement of Justin Bieber’s 2012 “Believe” tour dates the release of this great new CD is following with release set for June 19th. This gives all the Justin Beiber fans a chance to hear all the best new songs before the shows begin. What more could you ask for then being able to hear all the newest Justin Bieber songs before you see him live! Tickets pre-sales are underway now and selling out fast! As you can remember Justin Bieber’s last tour was sold out at every stop, long before the show ever started.

Enrique Iglesias and Jennifer Lopez announce joint concert tickets and tour dates!

Just announced Enrique Iglesias and Jennifer Lopez announced they would be touring this summer together along with Wisin & Yandel. Starting in July they will be starting a new tout off in Montreal, Canada and working their way across the US through out the month of July and into August!

How amazing will it be to see two great artist like Enrique and J-Lo play together! WOW what a show it will be!

Get your tickets today and don’t miss a great show like this!

One Direction “Up all night” first US concert Tour Tickets on sale NOW!!!

Up All Night 2012 US Tour

One Direction is finally here in the US!!! They have announced the “Up all night” US tour 2012 dates and stops. They even added a few extra New York tour dates around the holidays.

So exciting to know that they are finally coming to the US and they have so many tour dates and stops it will be a show you will never forget!

Justin Bieber “Believe” tour tickets on sale soon!

Are you a huge Justin Bieber fan? Are you waiting for the dates to his well publicized new tour “Believe” tour dates to be announced? Well so are we… We are counting down the days until the dates are released so we can pass on the best shows of the year to you! I know that they leaked out little bits about the boyfriend video for months before the actual video was released and I was so excited when the day finally came that I could finally see it!!!

Bruce Springsteen concert tickets come to Fenway Park!

Can you believe that this nab, this legend is coming back to Fenway Park again! How great is it going to be to see a legend like Bruce Springsteen and the E street Band play at the Historic Fenway Park? Not to mention that Bruce and the Gang were the first artist to ever hold a concert at Fenway Park in 2003.

I can not think of a better way for the “Boss” and the E Street Band to kick off the second leg of the North American “Wrecking Ball Tour” than in the place where they have such a great history!

Justin Bieber and One Direction Concert Tickets!

With all the rumors flying around about Justin Bieber and One Direction possibly collaborating on a song together, it made me wonder if they were going to join up for a new second leg to One Directions US tour and it would be a great way for Justin Bieber to expand and have One Direction open for him? Then I realized that One Direction might just be a little to big to open for Justin Bieber.

What do you think? Is this a great possibility for Justin Bieber to gain more fans and teem up with a great up and coming band similar to his sound? Or would this be to close of a sound and fans would get confused and want to only hear them together?